Tour operators in Zona Conce

15 February 2023

On February 10th, travel agencies operating in Carifac Foundation's territory as well as from Senigallia, Gubbio and Gualdo Tadino spent an evening at the Zona Conce Cultural Center.

After a guided tour of the Ruggeri Mannucci Museum with Arianna Bardelli, the representatives had a chance to discover the art of handmade paper together with the master papermaker Federico Salvatori.

According to the chairman of Carifac' Arte, Mr Paolo Santi, "in order to enhance or qualify a territory through its peculiarities or factors of tourist attraction you must communicate exactly what you intend to promote and to whom you intend to offer the value that the destination offers".

"Today we talk about "Vis-actor", combining the words "Visitor – Actor". The tourist wants to be the main actor of his holiday and know in advance the experiences he is going to live, the quality of the accommodation facilities where he is going to stay and much more".

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